About the Program

About the Program

Child Safety and Catholic Family Living

Developed to meet the needs of dioceses, parishes, schools, parents, and children, Growing with GOD: Safe and Sacred™ is a multi-faceted, innovative K – 8 child safety and family life program that is solidly grounded through Church teachings and the Catholic faith. This practical and systematic approach to child safety and social and emotional development is based on the belief that protecting children from abuse is the shared mission of families, churches, and communities. Children are empowered to respond to troubling and potentially dangerous situations using the strategies and techniques they are taught as part of the program and to see themselves as children of God, inherently deserving of respect and care.


Growing with GOD is comprised of six modular lessons for each grade which can be taught in the order that makes the most sense for your program. The content of these lesson reflects the best practices criteria for safe environment training as described in the report on program effectiveness made to the USCCB. The six lessons are:

  • God Creates Us: Building confidence, growing spiritually and physically
  • Boundaries: Abuse Prevention
  • Friendship and Bullying: Fostering healthy relationships
  • Safety Awareness: Abduction prevention
  • Digital Discipleship: Safe and healthy habits in online environments
  • My Sacred Self: Catholic family living

Program Features & Benefits

Offers flexible implementation options: Designed to be implemented in a variety of ways, the program can be taught as a standalone program or can be seamlessly woven into your current faith formation program.

Supports compliance needs: The program was developed to meet parish and school compliance needs for maintaining a “safe environment” program as called for in Article 12 of the Charter of the Protection of Children and Young People.

Serves children: Growing with GOD helps children learn the skills they need and gain confidence to help keep themselves safe and establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Prepares teachers and catechists: With slideshow orientations, retreats, reflection, lesson preparation, and more, this program equips teachers and catechists to teach these sensitive materials with confidence.

Supports parents: Through parent guides (available in English and Spanish), orientation slideshow, and lesson overview sheets, the program supports parents as they guide their children to stay safe and make healthy moral choices in today's environment.

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